Saturday, October 08, 2011

Top of the foot pain

Area of pain is circled with my mad paint skills.
So lately I have been experiencing what is known as Top of the foot pain. I have had a little bit of it before, but after the Harvest half marathon and our subsequent hike/run up and down a mountain, all of which I did in my Vibrams, I'm feeling it pretty good right now. Now it's not so bad that I can't run like I have heard other people experiencing, but it's definitely getting my attention.

What exactly causes it, I'm not too sure, and I haven't read anything so far that explains it, but I will be searching to find out. I have heard that for whatever reason the strap on the KSO's can contribute to the pain so I guess we shall see as I run more barefoot instead of in my Vibrams.

If anyone else is reading this and has some helpful hints, please comment and let me know what all I can be doing to help prevent this from happening. And of course I will post more updates as I figure out more things.

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  1. Hey Kyle, did you figure it out yet ? I'm experiencing the same pain and i need your feedback