Sunday, February 12, 2012

DNS ... ugh

Well I have my very first DNS. I was supposed to run in the Hypothermic Half yesterday. Unfortunately my knee is still acting up so I decided not to run it. Kyle and I sold our bibs and just hung out for the day. Seriously I wasn't too concerned about missing the race because I had heard that they had oversold the first wave and I wasn't thrilled to be running an out and back on crowded paths. Anyways I am not feeling too great, I am off of gluten now and have been since wednesday afternoon. I had my celiac blood test on wednesday and I am still waiting for the results. For now I am feeling heavy, (gained 11 pounds during glutenfest), sick and exhausted. I am hoping for results soon and relief from all of the symptoms. I am waiting another week I think to run, I will stick to going on my bike until I can walk without pain. I'll let you know how it goes soon.

If you have gone off of gluten, how long did it take until you started to feel a difference?
This is me on gluten. Notice the slightly drugged look. I couldn't open my eyes wider even if I tried.