Sunday, February 12, 2012

DNS ... ugh

Well I have my very first DNS. I was supposed to run in the Hypothermic Half yesterday. Unfortunately my knee is still acting up so I decided not to run it. Kyle and I sold our bibs and just hung out for the day. Seriously I wasn't too concerned about missing the race because I had heard that they had oversold the first wave and I wasn't thrilled to be running an out and back on crowded paths. Anyways I am not feeling too great, I am off of gluten now and have been since wednesday afternoon. I had my celiac blood test on wednesday and I am still waiting for the results. For now I am feeling heavy, (gained 11 pounds during glutenfest), sick and exhausted. I am hoping for results soon and relief from all of the symptoms. I am waiting another week I think to run, I will stick to going on my bike until I can walk without pain. I'll let you know how it goes soon.

If you have gone off of gluten, how long did it take until you started to feel a difference?
This is me on gluten. Notice the slightly drugged look. I couldn't open my eyes wider even if I tried.



  1. I'm almost completely gluten free and honestly have not noticed a difference other than being able to lose weight much more easier.

  2. It was at least 2-3 weeks... but I had also eliminated a lot of other stuff, and went through a 2 week withdrawal detox period where I felt crappy.. I didn't think gluten affected me that much until I reintroduced it. I don't have bad reactions to it, but if I have too much, I get a runny nose which is annoying... so its been better to remove it, except for rare occasions.

  3. I'm also going wheat-free (not necessarily staying away from gluten in other products but haven't had a need for any processed foods lately). I did have a headache for a few days which may have been the wheat withdrawal but who knows. I never really felt terrible, though. And I don't have wheat cravings. Oddly, I crave sugar snap peas now... :)

    What's up with the knee?

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments. I am going to see a GI specialist now. My celiac test cam back negative but I am still considered gluten intolerant. Oh well. I am hoping that I will start to feel better right away.

    Tina -- ugh my knee, well Kyle and I ran down a very steep hill a couple of weeks ago and just flew down fast. I pretty much slammed my knee with every step. I was achy after that but a after about 2 weeks it was really sore every run. I am taking time off and just riding my stationary bike. I am bummed about it but really I'm not in a rush to get running again. My next race isn't until May. If you have any words of wisdom or magical way to make it better asap I'll take them. It is the outside of my left knee, pretty much right where the ligament is.

    1. Hi Robbie,

      I found you seeing Kyle's reply to VIVOBAREFOOT's distinction between minimalist and barefoot running shoes. Looks like you two are on an amazing Odyssey with barefoot running. I like the title of your blog.

      Anyway regarding your knees, I wrote a piece a number of years ago: The Knees Need To Be Kneaded.

      There are some ideas of working out the quads to release the pressure and tension on the knee joints. If you can roll out the quads and the letting go can be identified as painful but it is about getting the fascia around the quads and IT Band to let go so that the quads can go through their full range of motion.

      In this picture you can see how I had a group of people learn to roll out their quads by laying in the gutter.

  5. Sorry to hear that Robbie-Lynn. :( I don't have a magical way to make it better. It just takes time and TLC. After my dirt bike collision, my left knee hurt on the outside, too, and I figure I tore the lateral meniscus. I stopped doing squats (which was really hard for me b/c I was doing them all the time) and I only rode my bike easy (no speed and no high gears). It's getting better slowly. Oh, and I walk a lot. When it starts feeling better, try not to go out too hard too soon. ;)

  6. Not sure how long it took for me to feel the difference but if I eat gluten now it feels like I swallowed a brick! Don't worry about the DNS.. we all have had them! ((hugs))

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