Sunday, October 09, 2011

Day 2 for Kyle and Robbie: Make sure we bring band-aids

Beautiful fall trails
Yesterday we went to my parents house in Okotoks with our brood and because my parents are awesome they watched the kids while Robbie and I went for a run on the trails in Okotoks. We decided to go barefoot for the first little bit and then run some more in our Vibrams. Once again running was awesome barefoot. Felt free, light and almost effortless. I put Barefoot Neil's advice into action. I tightened my core, pulled my hips forward and made sure I lifted my feet. Success!!!! No more blisters on my big toe. The existing blisters felt very sensory so it definitely was easier to make sure I didn't drag them.

The pathway was pretty good but it had a couple of rough gravel patches. Robbie felt those patches were so rough that they hurt. To me it just felt almost like sensory overload. Still really neat all the sensation that you get from going barefoot.

Run Robbie Run!!
Found a good way to carry our Vibrams. A caribeener attached to our fuel belt works great.

Today's trail run came with a lesson courtesy of Robbie. She ran over a section of pathway that went up suddenly (due to a root or something like that) and she was so busy paying attention to her knee that was a little tweaked from running down the mountain, that she didn't lift her feet up enough. She scraped her bog toe and took a couple layers of skin off.

The damage from one scrape.
I was pretty disgusted.

Ouch!!! Luckily Robbie took it in stride. We did learn that we should bring band-aids with us because she was bleeding pretty good. In a stroke of brilliance Robbie took off her Bondiband and fashioned a toe thong.
She got better quickly
Very fashionable

We finished off our barefoot run and then put on our Vibrams. While the Vibrams are nice and light and flexible it is amazing how much sensation you do lose. We are loving running barefoot so far but we do need to remember to take it easy. Looking forward to being able to get out again.

Blisters on my heels were from shoes
Looking good, because you can't see the toe.


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