Friday, October 07, 2011

Day 1 of Robbie's barefoot running

Hi all just a quick post to let you all know how my first run without my shoes went. It was cool out but I was ready at the door as soon as Kyle got home from work today. I started off my run in my Bikilas, mostly so my new neighbors wouldn't think I was nuts. I took them off .14 miles in and ran along the bike path in my neighborhood. It was great I learned from Kyle's earlier mistake and made sure to lift my feet from my hips and not push off with my big toe. I ran a mile barefoot and even encountered shattered glass across the path. I didn't panic but stepped lightly and avoided the glass the best I could. I hit a number of very small rocks that were painful but I brushed them off and continued on. After a mile I was feeling some numbness in my feet so I put on my Bikilas and continued on.
Total miles run: 3
Miles in minimalist shoes: 2
Miles barefoot: 1

Please note that the blister on the left is from running the half marathon in my normal shoes. I noticed a bit of redness on my second toe on the right but overall my feet feel great.

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