Friday, October 28, 2011

Kyle Day 9: More barefooters and more pain

This here is a late post. I should have posted it Monday night, but here we are and now it's friday. So just pretend that this was posted on Monday and everything is cool. :)

So Monday came and I went for another run with Paul and Ryan. Great run. We went for about 10 km. Knowing that this would be longer barefoot than I have ever done (and that the increase in mileage would be substantial) I only did about 5.8 km barefoot and then put on my Vibrams for the last 4.2 km. Definitely a smart move on my part. Didn't want to push it too much. However I do think it was still a little too much, but more on that later.

Probably on the last 3 km of our run Ryan (Paul corrected me, I thought his name was Brian) came running up barefoot. And now there were 4 of us crazy guys in around 7 C all running barefoot (well I was in my Vibrams at that point, but close enough). Awesome. I wonder if we could get any more people to try it. Maybe by this time next year we will have another 4 people. Who knows. Still pretty cool. There was mention in the group of maybe having a barefoot race, possibly in Confederation Park. Robbie says that she is already game and I'm sure we could get a bunch more people to race too. Plus Rebekah would love to run with us. Can't wait till it gets warm again.

Anyways so after my run I started getting more foot pain. Top of the foot pain on my right foot and a little pain along the outside of my left foot. Too much. What was even stranger was like a grinding when I bent my right big toe. Not fun. I did decide to take more time off running until my feet feel better. I skipped running all week and now, on friday, I'm feeling much better. My feet are almost 100% and that weird grinding thing stopped (it actually stopped on Wednesday). I'm sure that my feet are changing and the pain is a factor in it. Either way I'm taking it easy and letting my feet slowly adjust to the mileage. Here's to a good next week and some more miles barefoot. Hopefully the weather holds out. :)

The 4 of us. Seriously, could I take a worse picture? I'm a sweaty mess and my double chin is wonderful. I'm one of those guys who sweats like crazy for no mileage.


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