Friday, October 28, 2011

OMG!! I can run!!

Ok so really quick post. I ran tonight. Not far but it was AWESOME! Yes I'm yelling. I took everyone's advice and decided to concentrate on lifting my knees higher and shortening my stride. Tada no calf pain. Kyle and I ran back and forth along the bike path behind our house (about half a mile in total). I ran in place to start with to get a feel for lifting my knees. Then I took a very slight lean forward and let myself fall into each step. I pulled my feet in under me and away we went. It felt so good.  It felt like flying really, I felt like I was hardly touching the ground. The only calf pain I had was the one step where I reached out too far. We did the entire run barefoot. Although it was quite cold out my feet weren't really feeling it. I didn't notice the cold until we came inside and my toes started to warm up. Ouch. Anyways thanks to everyone who checked out my form and gave me things to try. I am so excited that I could run pain free. I am also amazed at how great half a mile feels when you haven't been running at all.