Friday, October 07, 2011

My first run in minimalist shoes

Ok so I know that when you switch to minimalist shoes you are supposed to go SLOW.  I have read it, I have heard it on blogs, and I even have a vibram wearing husband to stop me from transitioning too quickly. So how did I find myself at the top of Sulphur mountain getting ready to run down?  Who knows but it was fun. After church on Sunday, the day after our Half Marathon, Kyle and I headed off to Banff for our first ever weekend away from the kids. Sunday we spent milling around town and we even had a quick run to the restaurant for supper. Monday we had planned to run/hike up Sulphur Mountain. I started off in my brand new Vibram Bikilas but switched after half a mile. We had a nice lunch at the top of the gondola and walked over to Sanson Peak. The views were beautiful. We noticed another trail heading down the backside of the mountain and decided to run down it instead of heading back the way we came. Not wanting to miss out on all the fun I switched into my Bikilas. It was a blast. The rocky terrain was a challenge but it was so much fun. It felt like flying, Kyle and I laughed as we enjoyed the sensation of picking our way down the 3500 foot elevation loss.

 Once at the bottom we were still 4 miles from our truck so we continued to run and hike up the hill again. In total we logged 12.5 miles, the last 8 were my first ever miles in my Bikilas. I can tell you that it was great but I can also tell you why they say to go slow. My calves were killing me the next day, I was hobbling and having a hard time on the stairs. I also developed a slight tweak in my right knee. I took a rest for a couple of days and I'm feeling great now. Looking forward to many more miles in my Bikilas and in my naked feet.


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