Monday, October 17, 2011

Kyle Day 5: Running with a Pack

Since deciding to start Barefoot Running, Robbie and I have joined the Barefoot Runners Society. They have a great forum there, including a Canadian chapter forum. A reason why this is pretty great is because you can meet other barefooters in your area on the forum.

The results of which were my first Barefoot run with people other than my wife. Paul, another member from Calgary, told me that he goes running at lunchtime around Princes Island. I met with him today and met another barefooter who Paul runs with, Ryan. So the three of us met outside of the Eau Claire YMCA. We got a good number of stares from the 3 of us being barefoot with a couple of inquires about it. Then we headed out for a run. We did just over 2 miles but it was great. Great to have the company of other barefooters. Paul and Ryan also are not new to barefooting. Ryan has been barefooting for 2 1/2 years and Paul has been barefooting for almost 2 years now.

Part of the reason why it's great to run with experienced barefooters is that you can pick their brain for tidbits and nuggets of information. Ryan took a look at my form and told me that I was looking pretty good. I did need to keep my feet under me more. I tend to land my steps a little further ahead than my body. Ryan told me that it is best to land each step directly under your body.

Other than that they told me to take it slow and easy (I find this the toughest. I just want to keep running.) Keep trying new things (Ryan when we were done running went to go jump from rock to rock). I guess they also try and make sure they run on gravel every now and then. Listen to your feet. If you start to get hot spots, adjust how you are running. It's your feet's way of telling you to do something else.

I'm definitely looking forward to running more with these guys and who knows, maybe we can get more people to join us. If anyone reading this is interested Paul says that he normally runs at lunch Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Feel free to join us. Just look for the crazy guys with no shoes on. :)


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