Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kyle Day 4: Run with Rebekah

My heel continues to feel better which is awesome. I think I'll be ready to go for normal runs again right away. I was going to rest up for the rest of the weekend, but when my 9 year old daughter Rebekah was asking me to run with her I couldn't say no. This is a first for her. She has never asked to go running before and I was super proud. Rebekah of course being the oldest has seen Robbie and I at our worst. Obese and frankly lazy. We didn't eat right and that is what Rebekah grew up seeing us do. Ever since we started losing weight (A year ago today!!) and started running back in March she has also seen us making better choices for our life. That has recently translated into her wanting to make better choices. She tries to talk about calories, although we redirect her into talking about making healthy choices. She has recently become more adventurous with eating veggies and now loves cucumbers and broccoli. This coming from a girl who didn't really like veggies at all before. Woot!
The path in Coventry by our house
Rebekah getting her shoes on.

With all of that already, when she asked to go for a run, I couldn't refuse. We headed out for a quick run around the neighborhood. I went barefoot (with my Vibrams attached to a carabiner just in case) and Rebekah went in shoes. Although she did take them off twice to go barefoot with me. So proud.

You know what? She is pretty awesome at running. I told her to pick a pace and so we went at about a 10:45 minute/mile pace. And she kept that up the whole time. No complaining, no getting tired, just some awesome bonding time with my daughter.

Barefoot Rebekah
Barefoot but in jeans. Kinda weird to run in jeans

After about 1.25 miles we decided to turn around and head back as it was starting to get cold (this was in the evening). We made a quick stop at the park so she could go on the swings and the playground. And then we headed home. All in all, we did about 2.55 miles in just under 30 minutes. Fun run, great time with Rebekah and she is already itching to get out again. Love it.
Quality time


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