Monday, October 17, 2011

Losing weight easier without exercise?

Just a very quick post to as you all a question. Why is it that it is easier to lose weight while NOT exercising. I have been maintaining for a couple of months. Really since the start of September. I could't lose any weight. I know that because I was training for a half marathon I was burning countless calories but really that made me quite hungry. I tried to keep my calorie intake low and keep a deficit but I have to tell you it is super hard to run 10-13 miles when your body doesn't have enough fuel. So here I am today finally going down in weight. The scale this morning had me at 152.6 woohoo! I am able to eat smaller portions and keep my calories low and it is all because I have backed off my mileage in a big way. See I am running around 10 miles a week right now, if that. Mostly because I am transitioning to barefooting but also because I want to get rid of these last 20 pounds. Seems so backwards to me. Any ideas? Anyone successfully keep up high mileage and lose weight at the same time? I'd love to know if I am just missing something.



  1. I have experienced the same conundrum....running makes me fatter lol. Ok not really, but it sure is hard to lose while training. Tracking your calories on livestrong will help, as you can see what you need to eat, and not eat up all of your exercise calories to keep the deficit real. I have to switch to volumetrics, where I'm eating a great volume of food, but it's low calorie, like fresh veggies, or homemade broth. Those things can fill you up, so you don't feel hungry, but they don't fill you out with excess calories... A few nuts to quell hunger pangs can help. Yes you can eat more while training, but you still want to maintain that deficit of 300-500 calories per day to help with losing a pound a week or so.

  2. I love the idea of volumetrics. I need to look into that more. I find that I want to eat more food not more calories. (don't we all) I track my calories on my iPhone with an called my net diary.