Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Barefoot running is depressing me.

No running for me so far this week. It is making me so cranky. I am missing my long runs. I miss the freedom to go out and not think about my kids or the things I need to do at home. Seriously as the mom of 7 kids I need a break. Really nothing is better for my mental health than a long slow run. Since beginning to transition to minimalist shoes and barefoot I haven't been able to get those miles in. I have heard you can run part time in your old shoes and sometime in minimalists but I've also heard that the best is to ditch the shoes altogether. So what gives? Can I run a long in my old shoes? It would make me feel so much better to get out and run. So what have you done? When you transition did you switch totally or partly? I'm going nuts!!!

My not so enthusiastic face, much happier when I have run.
What I've been eating to make me happier.


  1. I switched to minimalist shoes aprox 8 months ago. It took me 3 months to work up to running 5k again. I ran 2 half marathons in conventional runners and realized I would need to change something or stop running due to all of the injuries I was suffering. I am new to running, and I obviously had a very inefficient stride in conventional runners. Running bare in Calgary in winter is unrealistic for obvious reasons, so you will have to find something to wear on your feet...

    I'm now up to running 15k for my longest distances, and have joined a 1/2 marathon clinic. I feel strong and am injury free so far. It takes time but you will eventually get to your long runs. If you're going to go back to wearing shoes, try to get a pair of pace gloves by merrell, where at least you won't be running in high heels... Just go slow with your mileage, and you will get there, stronger than you were with shoes. I absolutely know how you feel about the stress relief...I have 5 kids and quitting running due to injury wasn't an option :) Good luck!!

  2. Ah someone who understands. Not running is making me a cranky mommy. My poor husband and kids. I ordered a pain of Evo's that should be here before the snow gets here hopefully. I also run in vibrams but think I may need socks soon my toes freeze.

  3. Sometimes the stress level in life is so great that being able to 'run off steam' is a lifesaver....I just wanted to ask what made you choose EVO's? Did you try them, run in them? I have a pair or pace gloves which are great but I can only wear bare feet in them because they won't fit socks, and my VFF Komodo Sport mens. I have something to say about the Bikilas but I'll post that in the comments on that post. Anyways I have Injinji socks that I wear in my VFFs and for minus 10 or warmer that seems to be ok. My feet were really cold at the beginning of the run but after 20 mins they warmed up nicely. I'd like to get a warmer pair of Injinjis but I don't know if they make them warmer, the pair I have are pretty thick. I'm thinking I need a pair of shoes with zero heel drop that I can wear warmer socks in for really cold runs...but I haven't figured out what pair to buy yet, and wondered why you like the EVOs.

    Your husband and kids are lucky you discovered running while they're still so young...I didn't discover it till mine were almost grown and moved out of the house...They will get many more 'stress free' years out of you yet!

  4. We were looking at other minimalist shoes other than Vibrams. I think the two other brands we were considering were Merrels or VIVOBAREFOOT. The main reason that we picked the EVOs was because we came across an awesome sale. had them on for $60 instead of the $140 that they normally are. We saw the sale, liked the look of the shoes and so we thought we would give them a try. We will probably post a review of the once we get them.
    For colder weather we just bought a pair of shoes this evening. Toe Girl Tina recommended the Deep See Beach Walker Aqua shoes. They were $20 (but we got them on sale for $15) and they look pretty good quality. Tons of people recommend Aqua shoes for winter. Buy them a little big and you can wear big sock in them and keep your feet warm.

  5. I had to laugh about the 'stress free' years. I know that when I am not running or if I'm grumpy my hubby and kids all tell me to go run. I am a much more happy and grounded person now that I run.