Friday, November 18, 2011

Quickie post.

I wanted to write a quick recap of my day yesterday.  I thought it would be fun to share what goes into a day with 7 kids and training for a race.

6:00 wake up get into workout clothes
6:30 make tea, start strength training, light weights arms, abs and legs
7:00 finished workout, sit down to read, blog and eat breakfast (egg whites with salsa and fruit)
7:45 get GG (our foster baby) up and give her milk, get her dressed and ready to go for a visit
8:00 all the other kids get up and start making noise wanting breakfast, leftover oatmeal with fruit
8:30 GG picked up, kids clear table and we start school work
10:00 snack time, call kids to the table for snack, read aloud to them while we eat
10:30 more school work, help 4yo with piano practice, read with 6yo, tell 7yo to keep working and stop bugging other kids, encourage 9yo to find another place to read where 7yo isn't around
11:15 GG gets back, put her down for short nap
Noon lunch time serve lunch, wraps with PB&J for kids, cucumbers with feta and balsamic vinegar and a sweet potato for me
12:30 scramble to make sure everyone is dressing including, shoes, coats, warm things, wake GG and get her ready to go out
1:00 leave for Costco after about 15min of buckling everyone into carseats
1:20 shop at Costco with 7 kids (this went really well, we even had 5 samples)
2:45 pay and head to van, it is snowing by now and pretty cold, unload groceries while listening to tired kids bicker in van
3:15 finally get home, hand out snack at kitchen table
3:30 send littles kids for a nap, 1yo, 2yo, 3yo, 4yo all go for a nap, olders finish school work or play video games
3:45 bring in box after box of groceries while freezing, watching for Kyle to get home so I can stay inside
4:10 cut up veggies and prepare soup to simmer on stove until super time
4:20 get into 4 layers of running clothes and head out for a run, -4C about -14C with windchill
4:30 run 3miles. 2.5 in my water shoes, .5 in just my socks, I also ran down the alley to try running on the gravel. Very interesting sensation.
5:00 grab soup and head to bath while Kyle feeds kids homemade pizza
6:30 head out to choir practice all by myself
10:30 get home from choir, eat my weight in fruit and more soup 
11:00 finally crash in bed

Anyways that's a look at my day. Normally we don't leave the house but with Kyle and I both training for a race our evening are more busy so I may have to start taking all of the kids to shop with me alone. Normally we wait for Kyle or Kyle goes by himself. Yesterday really was a great day. I was amazed at how much energy I had at choir practice after my run. I am so grateful to feel that high again. This is why I am so into running it makes me feel so good. 


  1. And this is the quick post. Laff. You rock Love.

  2. Yes, she does!!! So happy for you you got your run in!!

  3. WOW... I'm tired from just reading the post.. you guys are amazing.. and an inspiration! Have a great weekend :-)

  4. Holy cow! That makes my busiest of days look like a cakewalk! You are amazing! Good for you to still get out and do something for yourself. :-)

  5. I'm laughing as I read these comments. I seriously think that everyone must be a busy as I am. I don't see many parents just sitting around doing nothing. Anyways thanks guys. I am so happy to have finally started doing something for myself. After 10 years of never taking time out for me I am really enjoying my time spent running. Plus I think it makes me more calm for the kids.