Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Barefoot running in the cold

Today while my older kids had their piano lessons I headed out to the Nose Hill pathway which I used for my long runs when I was training for my half marathon. The path has been closed down for most of the summer for construction and repairs and has just reopened. I decided to try out Kyle's KSOs because my Bikilas were hurting my foot. After my last run which was completely barefoot, I had to stop at sobeys for groceries so I put my bikilas on to go into the store. After really just a couple of steps I noticed the pain in the top of my foot toward the outside of my ankle. This has happened a couple times before After that I decided that I wasn't going to wear them anymore. See, around the house I usually wear cheap flip flops year round. I hate to step on crumbs and I have 7 kids so I have to have something on my feet. Well I've been wearing my Bikilas most days and then wondering why my foot was hurting. Once I realized it was the shoes I was disappointed. Has anyone else had trouble with the bikilas? So all day yesterday I wore Kyle's KSOs. Now, he is a 41 mens and I am a 41 women's so they were a little big on me but they felt great. I wanted to try them out because there is a lady close to me who has some in my size for sale. I am really disappointed that we spent good money on the Bikilas only to have them hurt my feet.

Anyways on to the run. It was about 2C with very little sun and the path was deserted.

Neon orange in case someone is hunting along the path.
I started out in the KSOs and found that the ground feel with them is much more natural than with the Bikilas. Everything felt good. As I ran I noticed that there was a short trail through the tree in behind the new science centre. I couldn't resist. I love running on trails and I wish that I had more time to go away and run in the woods. The trails was pea gravel and I noticed right away the difference between the KSOs and the Bikilas. It didn't hurt really just that I noticed the feel of the rocks more. 
I had to take a quick video just to show you how much fun it was.

After the trail I came out right beside the science centre and back onto the path back towards my van. I wasn't quite done yet although my toes were getting pretty cold. The pathway was nice and smooth so I took my shoes off and hooked them onto my spibelt. Seriously, who takes off their shoes when their feet are already cold. It felt great again to be running bare but I was noticing how numb my feet become when it is cold out. It wasn't uncomfortable just different. I had to watch that my form was still good as I couldn't depend on my cold toes to tell me if I was pushing rather than lifting. Everything was going along well. Then I saw up ahead that the path was all broken up. I thought to myself that I had better just keep going, I might as well see if I can run on gravel without hurting myself. I ran through the first time with no problems. Kept relaxed, lifted my feet and kept moving. I got past and then had to turn around to go back to my van. I ran over it again. This time it was kind of a thrill to run on the gravel. Oh my gosh I can do this. 

Overall it was a great run. I did 2.47 miles. 1 mile barefoot. I am really going to have to find a cold weather solution though because now that I don't have so much insulation I am freezing all the time. Tina from Toe Girl Tina is going to be in Calgary at MEC this Sunday and Kyle and I are hoping to be there. I am hoping to see what she uses in the frigid weather and hopefully pick up some injinji socks to keep my feet warm until my EVOs get here. 



  1. Wow.. what a great trail! I too am trying to look at alternatives as we head into a cold Colorado winter.. I've been running in my Invisible Shoes... and I wear them everywhere I can.. but I need something that covers. I had been looking at the KSO's, but I've never tried out any other minimalist shoes besides my sandals. I may look around for some on ebay or used.. to make sure they will work before investing.. great run.. can't wait til I start logging more true barefoot miles!


  2. I sometimes run that path when my son is at judo. Nice path with some gravel. Great job getting out of your shoe. If you get to MEC on Sunday say hi to Tina for me


  3. I tried the Bikilas I had TERRIBlE pain in my big toe.. I want to like them really bad because for now I race in Nike 3.0s.. don't throw stuff at me. I live in my KSO's though.

  4. Will do Paul. We managed to get two babysitters so we will be heading to MEC. Woohoo a night out without our crew.

    Mamarunsbarefoot, I am so glad to hear that it wasn't only me. I wanted to love them too. I wore them to a ripped class the other day and they felt good there. I just don't think I'll be running in them anytime soon. I have some EVOs coming soon and I am hoping to get a pair of huaraches too. I'm leaning towards the unshoe. I am just wishing the winter away so that I can run without shoes again soon.

  5. Jeff, when I ran in the KSOs my toes were quite cold. I'm not sure that I could run in them in much colder weather than 0C. Now you have to take that for what it is since I've lost weight I am ALWAYS freezing. lol