Saturday, November 05, 2011

Not running sucks

Kyle here. Still with a bum knee. This sucks. I have to say that I enjoy running. A year ago I would never have thought that I would ever wish I could be running, let alone enjoy it. It is addicting though and I love it. Which is why it sucks so much to be sidelined by a bad knee.
I think the part that sucks the most was that I was finally getting up to. a good distance barefooting. My last run I had done 4 miles and my feet felt wonderful!! If it wasn't for my bum knee things would be great.
I feel defeated by my knee. I still don't want to push it though. I know that trying to push through it will only injure it more and not let it heal. So sucky as it is, I'm resting. And I feel lazy for it. My weight has gone up (although Halloween may have had a huge part in that.... Mmmm candy) and I feel stir crazy. So tonight I tried going on our stationary bike. It's no running, but it felt good to get my heart pumping. I did 12 km on the bike and my knee feels pretty good. It wasn't perfect on my knee, but a little ice should fix it up.
Tomorrow night Robbie and I will be going to Mountain Equipment Coop as Toe Girl Tina will be there in regards to the Five Peaks Race series. We wanted to go to get a couple of things from MEC, as well as to meet another local barefooter. Should be fun. Plus we get a night out without the kids. Woot!!!



  1. Have a great, great time!!!

  2. oooh. I know about bum knee frustration. Be patient with that and keep trying solutions to fix it. Enjoy your night out :-)