Thursday, November 24, 2011

5 miles on a snowy day

This morning it seemed like everything was going wrong. I was feeling really tired and didn't want to get up for work. I had run out of frozen strawberries for my morning smoothie. I lost my access card for work. When I got on the bus I realized that I forgot to pack a lunch. When I got to work I realized that I forgot to pack my Garmin. When I went to the gym to get changed for my run, my new access card wasn't yet coded for the gym. Things were not the best but I was still looking forward to my run. I had 5 miles on the training plan for today and it had recently snowed a little. How crazy is it that I was really looking forward to getting outside and running, to getting out in the cold.

Well it wasn't that cold. Probably about 0ÂșC. I still wore my base layer pants and shirt as well as track pants and jacket. Once again I forgot to grab my mitts so my hands were a little cold. Ah well. I managed. On my feet I was wearing running socks and my VIVOBAREFOOT Neos.

My knee felt good the whole way through. Keeping my form in check seems to be getting easier, however I must say that we are having the coaching session with Toegirl Tina tomorrow (alliteration for the win!!) so I'm sure I'll find out all the ways I'm still screwing up and need to work on fixing things. Can't wait.
Cold but beautiful

Back to the run. It was beautiful outside. Saw quite a number of runners out, even some still in shorts. I ran east from Eau Claire along the river. Went across the bridge to the Zoo island. and back to work along the other side. Some dryer patches of pavement, lots of snowy patches, even some snow and ice. I also ran a short portion on a gravel path. My Neos worked wonderfully. I had the liners in so they were warmer, the trade-off being that I couldn't feel the ground as well. I never once felt like I was slipping and my feet stayed warm the whole time.

Path on the Zoo island. Love it here. Have to come back again
another cool thing about running by the zoo is that you get to run with dinosaurs. :)
Wet, but not too icy yet.
Gravel path. Fun!
I have heard that the Neo Trails are excellent winter shoes. Very warm with great tread. I'd love to try them out and see just how warm they are in freezing temperatures. Maybe sometime in the future I will get to play around with them, but not yet. :) I am working on a review of the Neos and hope to get it up shortly.
My replacement lunch. Very yummy and no wheat. Woot!


  1. Ok, that's COLD!!!!! I agree running in the snow is beautiful and peaceful but I'm a baby.. HAHA!

  2. That's funny. So totally not cold to us, but I guess we are used to it. We better be since the half marathon on Dec 31st and in February both will be in -20°C (-4°F) to -30°C (-22°F) weather. If not colder. I have to admit that I'd much rather be running in warm weather in shorts and barefoot though. :)

  3. Hey Kyle!

    I think I may have seen you out there (not sure if it was this run or previous). After we crossed paths I realized how non-cholantly (sp?) I said "hey Kyle" and kept running like I had not seen you in 11 years! I decided to look you up, and I stumbled here! It would be great to catch up with you - it seems like a lot has certainly changed over the last decade! If you would like, call me at work and I can take you out for lunch! Or if you are too busy running at lunch, maybe I can join you and try to keep up! 403 294 5160
    Take care! David M.