Monday, November 21, 2011

Mail Time!!!

 Here's the mail, it never fails. It makes me want to wag my tail. And when it come I wanna wail MAAAAIIIILLLL!!!!
They're here!!!!!
Today our VIVOBAREFOOT shoes finally came in the mail. We have been going crazy waiting for these shoes to arrive and we are both so glad they are here. Of course they arrived while I was at work so Robbie was the first to try hers on.
Black pair of EVOs.

Robbie loves the look of them.
I got home from work and tried on my new shoes.
My pair of Green/White NEOs
Styling. I love them so far
We will try and do a full review of these after we put in some miles but for now we are loving them. We have both been wearing them since we got them. I took mine on a trip to Walmart (without socks) and they are super comfortable so far. Very happy.


  1. Oh those are beauties!!!

  2. Oh my goodness they are awesome. I ran in them this morning and it was wonderful. They will also be my go to shoes with my jeans when I don't have to wear boots.

  3. Absolutely love your blog! Wish you had email subscriptions, to remind me to read your new posts! Do you know if the vivobarefoots are available in any store in Calgary? You are both such inspirations! Keep it up :)

  4. I'll have to see if e-mail subscriptions is something we can do. I've never looked into that before. You can get the Vivobarefoot shoes either from Gord's Running Store, or from Riva's Eco Store. I haven't been to Gord's in forever (and when I went I wasn't really looking at the minimalist shoes) so I don't know how good their selection is. Riva's had a ton of different kinds and their intention is to stock everything that Vivobarefoot makes.
    And thanks. We definitely will keep this up. Feels great to be active.

  5. I have added e-mail subscriptions for anyone who is interested.

  6. Sweet thanks re email sub! Why did you get yours mail order, were they cheaper?