Friday, March 09, 2012

Enjoying the warm weather while it lasts

Today was another nice warm day here in Calgary. I believe at lunch time it was 10ºC out and so I decided to make the best of it. I put on a t-shirt (wicking of course as I'm a sweaty beast), shorts, compression sleeves. I grabbed my Stems and out the door I went. Very quickly after I started I decided that the shoes should come off, and so they did. It was beautiful weather for going barefoot. A couple of cool puddles of water here and there, but almost no snow on the pathway. There was one small section by the zoo that was snowy (and had lots of gravel on the pathway) and so my shoes went back on for that. It's so nice to have the freedom to slip shoes on and off whenever I felt like it and I'm certainly not complaining about the weather.
This was the path by the zoo on Monday. Today there was almost no snow. Woot!

I managed to get just under 5 miles in. My feet were doing pretty good. The old areas that were blistered basically had that old dead skin scraped off from the wet pathways. That was totally cool by me except the new skin underneath was still a little sensitive. I managed to get another small blood blister on the pad of my foot where the new skin was but otherwise my feet came out fantastic.
Small blister (underneath old big blister). Small price to pay.

I can tell you about one really interesting thing that I saw on my run. I was heading back to work and while I was running I saw two guys running towards me holding hands. This seemed very strange to me. I have never seen anyone running while holding hands with someone else. At first I thought it was two 'very proud' guys if you know what I mean. However as I got closer I realized that I had seen one of the guys before. I have taken the bus with him and he usually needs help from people to know what stop it is and he walks tapping a cane in front of him. This was a blind gentlemen who either had a friend or an aide who was helping him to run. How cool is that!!! I have never really thought about that before and so I thought that it was really awesome to see that blindness doesn't have to mean that this guy couldn't run.


  1. I'm the producer of Run Barefoot Girl podcast, and I'm wondering if you two would be interested in an interview. It would consist of a phone conversation, preferably via Skype (good sound quality) but a mobile or home phone would also work. I'd love to talk with you about how barefoot running has influenced your family, how it fits into your relationship, your personal story about bf-ing. Let me know if you're interested/available... I have a 3-week backlog of interviews, so I'm not in a huge hurry (we could schedule it for any evening, morning or weekend - I'm Pacific Time).

    BTW, I have a list of people I want to interview, and I went to put your site on my list the other day and found that your site was already on the list. I though, "OK, this is a sign that I need to actually *contact* these folks!" :)


  2. How cool (about the two guys)! Your feet are tough--wow!