Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Oh my I was on Run Barefoot Girl

Awesome self portrait while running. 
Hey guys, I'm on vacation in the mountains but I had to stop by and tell you that I was featured on Run Barefoot Girl's Yay for me. I have listened to this podcast since I started running in Vibrams last year. Caity is awesome and she has brought together so many wonderful women and men to provide information and inspiration to the barefoot running world. I wanted to thank Caity for including me. I feel like a 'real' barefooted now. Maybe I'll have to change my name to Barefoot something. Lol. Anyways go check out her podcast if you haven't already I am sure you'll love it.

The view. 
And just because I can't help myself, here are some pictures of my first run out here. It was hilly, think running in the Rocky Mountains, and beautiful. I am challenging myself to run the hills, I have gotten lazy. I used to be so good at hills but I have started dreaded them or walking. This run was sweet, I pushed hard on the climbs and I did it. I seriously felt amazing afterwards, so proud of myself and energized. Now if I can only find a way to get out on the trails and run, that would be perfect.

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  1. Congrats on your mention, and WOW, that is an awesome view! It's all flat here in Michigan, so I am always excited to see real "mountain" views.

    That IS an awesome self-portrait--you look great!

  2. Caity is awesome!! What a gorgeous view on that run!

  3. I *love* your words. Thank you for writing them! :) Keep enjoying your running - and let me know how your journey goes. (I'll be watching your blog, too.)

  4. Hey, this is kind of random, but I think your twitter account might have gotten hacked. I got a weird message from you with a video link (I didn't click it because it looked suspect). Anyway, I thought the sooner you knew about it the better, but I didn't want to message your twitter in case it was really hacked. Sorry so random. Hope you get it squared away without too much headache.