Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back in the game!

Friday morning Kyle was working from home. He was encouraging me to get out and run. I haven't run all week because my knee and my lungs were not cooperating. I agreed to get our Friday morning. The only problem was that this beauty wanted to come too.

Now she was going to bike and I was going to run. I thought it would be ok. Well very quickly into our 'run', like .01 of a mile, I realized that she cannot bike as fast as I run. I needed an attitude change quick because I was getting frustrated that she was messing up my run. A quick text to Kyle and an encouragement from him to remember that this was special time with my lovely girl, and I was able to relax and help her have the best bike ride ever. She rode 1.5 miles and then we raced the rain home.

She was so proud of herself.
Once I dropped her off I grabbed my jacket and my fuel belt and headed out for a solo run. Turns out that I am still a runner. I tell you I was having major doubts about that. I haven't been running, I have been gaining weight, and feeling just awful. After Friday's run I felt great. I had to stop to take my rescue inhaler twice but felt great over all. I finished just under 5 miles at a 9min/mi pace. It was awesome and really pumped up my self confidence.

Look at those clouds behind me. There was a pretty major storm coming in. Thankfully I got home before I got drenched.
Last point to make is that somehow I am much faster after taking a break. Maybe it's the steroids in my inhaler (joking!!) Friday's run was quicker than normal and then I ran on Saturday as well. Kyle once again encouraged me to get out for a run. I must be cranky or something. I ran just under 5 miles at an average pace of 8:41min/mi. Oh my goodness!! Not that it was easy but I have never run so quick. I kept under 9 except on the bigger hills. My quickest pace was in the 6s. I came home after my run, stretched on the lawn for awhile, showered and then headed off to sing at a memorial service. I finished off the day having vietnamese food with my sister. Overall it was a great day. Kyle is heading out for a long run today in the wind and rain and rather yucky weather. I'll try to get him to post afterwards.
Have a great Sunday!!
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